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Hi Guys,

For those of you have seen my photos from previous blogs and articles I have written know that I make have made it very public my unhappiness (read: wifes) with my penis size. I’m not tiny, by any means, but being slightly below average is nothing to brag about either. That’s why I started my quest to find the best penis enlargement method (the ProExtender worked the best for me) to help me in that department.

As you can imagine, there are quite a few products for male enhancement, so the trick was wading through all of the options and choosing the ones that would provide me with the best results.
In case you are not aware of the options available for penis enlargement, the most popular ones are, in no particular order: penis pills, penis extenders, penis patches, exercise videos, pumps, creams and praying.

So what did I use? Well, I took a multi-prong approach. While any of the above techniques probably give you decent results (except for praying for a bigger penis, I’ve been doing this since I was a kid without any success), there were two methods that I thought had the best chances of success with the least amount of effort; penis extenders and male enhancement pills.

Specifically, I chose the ProExtender System and VigRX Plus pills (both made by same parent company).

I chose these two methods because the science makes sense to me and based on my research, these two brands are trusted. With either one, they offer a money back guarantee.

Penis Extender Results You Can Count On!

I decided to go the penis extender route because the science behind this technique is easy to understand. For those of you that don’t know too much about penis extenders, think Discovery channel and aborigines with those gold rings around their neck or stretched out earlobes; penis extenders work the same.

By applying a small amount of pressure when stretching the penis, scientist discovered that this aided the body in regenerating tissue cells (taking a penis enhancement supplement increases this rate), whereby increasing the penis permanently.

Ok, so I really don’t understand how the tissue cells regenerate, but I do understand what I have seen with my own eyes with the aborigines and THOSE are the kinds of results I want from my penis extender.

I gotta admit, I was more scared than skeptical about these devices. I didn’t want to just go out and buy some random penis extender and end up damaging the goods, so after THOROUGHLY researching them, the ProExtender by far was the best on the market.

Now here is the best part, this thing was designed a developed by a real doctor, so you know it’s safe. PLUS THE PROEXTENDER IS CLINICALLY PROVEN! 

Unlike other extender devices out there that are just a bunch of look-a-likes, this was developed with your safety in mind, so you don’t have to worry that you will not cause permanent injury.  And if that is not enough, you can have comfort in know that this is one of the most recommended products by Plastic Surgeons and Urologist.

Try getting that with some of the imitators out there.

Penis Pills Speed Up the Process

You may be thinking that I’m an idiot for trying penis pills. Way back in the day when the internet was the “Wild Wild West” buying penis pills was a good way for you to part with your money. But now, there are real companies out there making male enhancement pills backed by real science, not just wishful thinking.

That’s why I chose VigRX Plus (plus it’s made by the same company that makes the ProExtender, so they are designed to work in conjunction).

The way penis pills work is pretty similar to how you get results with penis extenders. While penis extenders apply outside pressure to force tissue regeneration, penis pills work from the inside to do the same.

Specifically, VigRX provides your body with essential nutrients that target the Corpora Cavernosa (the chamber the fills with blood while erect) making the cell within it regenerate, so that it can increase the volume it can hold.
What does that mean for you?

A bigger penis!

The best part about the VigRX pills is that they are clinically proven to work. I’m talking about a Triple Blind Placebo Controlled study. Don’t get fooled by some of these other companies that say that have study results. I have looked at them and they are a sham. All they do is basically survey their existing customers and count the good results and throw out the bad.

Comparing ProExtender & VigRX Plus

You probably came to my site looking for the penis extender that gives the best results, but now I’ve muddied the waters tell you about how penis pills speed up the process.

So, to make it a little easier, here is a quick breakdown of my two favorites and what they consist of:

The ProExtender uses the silicone noose, which wraps around the head of the penis. I went with this one because it appeared to be made with very high quality materials and to exacting standards….and it was. This thing is pretty impressive, below is a picture of it.


Like everything else in life, the ProExtender has lots of options. You can upgrade the type of storage case you get (cardboard or some fancy steel box), whether you want to include the VigRX pills and an optional penis enlargement exercise CD.

That’s what I really like about the ProExtender; you can get everything you need from one trusted source. There is no need to go out and vet out another company for pills and another for exercises.

You can get it all in one stop and it’s all guaranteed!

The VigRX pills are impressive in their own right. They have been scientifically developed to help you increase your penis size. And this isn’t just a bunch of false claims. They have backed up their claims with real world clinical studies proving that they work.

VigRX Plus

I truly believe that the VigRX pills area must have. Not only do they help increase your penis size, but they help improve stamina and help strengthen and tone sexual glands. 

The Final Verdict

So, what were the results? Well, I gotta say, my penis extender results were impressive! I used the both the ProExtender and VigRX at the same time for 8 months. I did not get results overnight, but they were apparent after a few weeks, which kept me motivated. My total gains using the both products was a length increase of 2 ¾”  and girth increase of about 1”

Your probably wondering if one method was better than the other. It’s hard to say. I used both of them at the same time. My thinking behind this was that if one was good, that two was better. I really belive that I got my impressive results because I used both.

At the end of the day it comes down to what you have time for and what you will stick with. I have the luxury of working from home, so wearing the penis extender during the day was not an issue. But if you work in an office or out in the field, I can see how it would be inconvenient, in which case, the VigRX pills are probably a better fit.

Either way will work, the key to keep in mind is that you have to be consistent. Your penis is not going to get significantly larger overnight. You have to put in the time wearing the extender or taking the pills for them to work properly. If you’re not willing to give try either one for at least 3 months, you’re wasting your time and money. Go and pray for a bigger penis. You’ll be better off.

That being said, my ultimate recommendation is for the whole ProExtender System.

You can visit the product web sites for more information:


I am happy to answer any questions you may have, so email me if you want.

Take Care

Greg Ericson

PS: Below are results of my a poll I am currently taking about which is better, ProExtender or VigRX Plus




My readers would like to know, what kind of results have you had with penis extenders, penis supplements or any other method you have tried?

Due to the sheer volume of comments and spam posts, the comments are not posted in real time. I’ll do my best to sift through relevant comments and post them, good or bad, as I have time. To help each other out, I encourage you to PLEASE respond to any questions if you know the answer. Thanks Greg


1. Andy Says:

Thanks for the candid review Greg, I have been looking at these for a while, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I am pretty skeptical after getting ripped off on fake pills, so its reassuring to find someone that has actually tried these products and had success. I think I am going to try the ProExtender and VigRX like you said.

2. Jose Says:

i have been using the proextender for six months and love it. i know that some guys complain that it is uncomfortable, but I have had no issues with it....all i can say is no pain, no gain.

3. Eli Says:

I havent tried the extenders yet, but I am currently in my 2nd month of VigRX. So far, I havent had major gains. Flaccid I'm still 6 inches, but I have gained about 1/4 inch errect. I guess thats not bad for only being on the supps for 2 months. I'm diggin my heals in on VigRX, I have tried a lot of different products in the past,but none have had any noticable results. The fact that I have had results in VigRX proves to me that it works. i am going to try it for 1 year and see what happens.

4. Chris Says:

The ProExtender works! I have been using it religiosly for 8 months and this thing is really making a difference. I know that I am not the norm, but I have gained about 2 1/2 inches. I'm going to try to use it for a little while longer until I hit 3 inches, after that, I am done.

5. Brad Says:

Beware of imitators! I have been scammed several times. Stick with the name brands, if anything looks suspect on the site, don't even consider it!

6. Brian Says:

When I was younger, I tried a shop-vac, does that count? btw, that doesnt work, but it kinda feels good :--)

7. Clay Says:

LOL, I tried a shop vac once too!

8. Diego Says:

Hey guys, don't waste your time with penis exercise videos.

9. Sam Says:

I used the VigRX pills for 6 months with minimal results. I talked to the company and they gave me a full refund even though it was past the 60 day guarantee. They were all about having happy customers. Kinda nice to see that not everyone on the 'net is about scamming you out of money.

10. Brad Says:

Has anyone tried the X4 Extender? I've heard good things about it, I'm kinda weary of it because there isn't a lot of info on them.

11. Jermey Says:

Woot, Woot! Just got my order today. I'm hella excited. I ended up buying the combo one with the extender and the supplement. Time to see if this dog hunts.





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