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Greg ProfessionalAbout me
Hey there. I'm Greg! I'm a down to earth free spirited guy working on a farm in central California. Currently I'm in charge of the organic program on the farm, which offers me an insight into the diversity of growing crops for America. My particular interest lies in the carrot. High in beta-carotene, vitamin A, fiber, and not as high in carbohydrates as some of the Akins detractors would have you believe. When I'm not on the farm you can find me gazing at sunsets, and chasing assless leprechauns. Though I love to have a good time, I also have a serious committed side. I enjoy cooking Women elaborate gourmet meals and giving vigorous foot massages (Sorry about the broken ankle, Erika). My idea of a perfect date: showing you around the farm in my truck then perusing the super market for that perfect meal, fixing you a delectable 5 course dinner and finally, stuffing you with candy and beating your face in with a stick.

Who I'd like to meet:
I'm an easy guy to get along with. All I ask is that you be female and have a fondness for paper products.

Hunting in Saskatchewan. Kicking it with my homies on the Train. Carrots and carrot-like paraphernila. Fertilizer. Astrology (Saturn you can kiss my ass). Farm Auctions. Guano. Historical Animation. Sailing. Skiing. Family Style Dinning. Finding unknown brothers and sisters that my father produced.

Jefferson Internet

The Princess Bride. The Milagro bean Field War

The Power Puff Girls

War and Organic Farming, For Whom the Pinata Tolls, AnnaKarrotta, A Carrot in the Rye, Love in the Time of Guano, Pinatas and Prejudice

Johnny Appleseed, whoever invented Pinatas, Bugs Bunny, Amtrak, Ben from Benifer, David Schwimmer, Regis Philbin, Courtney Love because she kind of looks like a Pinata, and sure has hell has been beaten like one.

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